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Former Prime Minister of Jordan,

President of Petra University, Senator and Chair of Senate Committee on Science, Education and Culture

Professor Adnan Badran earned a Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University then went on to Michigan State University where he completed his Masters and Ph.D. He also holds honorary doctorates at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul and Michigan State University. Professor Badran became the Dean of Science at the University of Jordan in 1971. In 1976, he became the Founding President of Yarmouk University in Jordan and a professor. The distinguished professor then went on to hold various esteemed titles in Jordan, such as Secretary General of the Higher Council of Science and Technology, Minister of Agriculture, and Minister of Education. Then in 1990, Professor Badran became the Assistant Director General for Science at UNESCO in Paris. He was the President of Philadelphia University until 2005, when he became the Prime Minister of Jordan and the Minister of Defense. Professor Badran is currently the President of Petra University, Senator and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education Science, Culture and Media, President of the Arab Academy of Science, Chairman of the Board of the Arab Thought Forum, and President of the National Center of Human Rights. Professor Badran is also a member of various organizations; he is the Vice President of The World Academy of Sciences, an Executive Board member of the International Union of Biological Sciences, serves on the International council of Scientific Union, and a member of the American Association for The Advancement of Science. The professor also holds various awards and metals and has published more than twenty books.



17:00-19:00 17 NOVEMBER
THEMATIC SESSION I. UNESCO: “The Changing Landscape of Science: Higher Education's Perspectives, Dynamics and Implications”