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WSF-Budapest 2003

The Word Science Forum was held in Budapest on November 8-10, 2003. It was successful in providing an opportunity for the diverse community of science to present and discuss what is at issue in the world of science today, and to begin to aim its efforts towards effective collaboration with the communities of society it serves.

The WSF Budapest - 2003 promoted interdisciplinary action. It provided a platform for debate and interaction amongst its 400 participants from 80 countries, including: leading world scientists, policy makers, non-governmental organizations, educational and research establishments, leaders of culture and industry, and the general public. Meaningful discussion was initiated by keynote speakers, and then further encouraged by follow-up sessions. The Forum focused on themes of knowledge and economy, science, quality of life, environment, and information, which can be further explored under Session Summaries. As a result of the conference, the participants agreed upon a series of General Conclusions, and made the commitment for continued collaboration.

To learn more about the 2003 Forum you can visit Speakers and Presentations on this web site, which provides full texts of many presentations. A video archive of the conference and a photo gallery of the participants are also available.