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WSF 2011 Closed in Unison


"More than ever before, the world will be shaped by science."  World Science Forum’s (WSF) closing statement was endorsed by universal applause at WSF’s closing session held in Hungary’s Parliament Building on 19 November, 2011.


The highlight of the WSF closing event was – for the first time in the Forum’s history – the endorsement of the Declaration on a New Era of Global Science. József Pálinkás, President of both HAS and WSF read it out and participants accepted it with a universal applause.


The Declaration states: the treasure of scientific knowledge and its underlying research approaches are a common heritage of humankind. More than ever before, the world will be shaped by science.
The growing complexity of grand challenges our new global era has to face include population-growth, climate change, food supply, energy shortage, natural and technological catastrophes, epidemics, and sustainability. They require that the world’s scientific establishment assumes new roles. A new multi-polar world of science has emerged. In this new context science diplomacy is an acknowledged tool to promote partnership among nations by fostering scientific co-operation. The expansion of scientific networks has also changed the circle of actors participating in research activities. The acceleration of „knowledge economics” has generated new migration patterns for scientists. Winners and losers of the brain-drain equally face the need for more intensive co-operation.
Developments in many research fields have considerable moral and ethical implications that require an urgent and global dialogue between scientists and the broader public. Under such conditions WSF submits the following recommendations: scientist should strengthen their individual and institutional responsibilities to avoid possible harm to society due to ignorance or misjudgement of the consequences of new discoveries and applications of scientific knowledge. International cooperation is essential for decreasing the knowledge divide and regional disparities. Brain-drain and brain-gain policies should be co-ordinated for the joint benefit of all affected countries. Comprehensive actions should be taken to strengthen the role of women in science and innovation.


The whole text of the declaration is to be read here.