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Lucca Italy

Guido Caldarelli is Full professor in Theoretical Physics at IMT-Lucca and Institute of Complex Systems CNR.  He got the degree in Physics in Rome and the PhD at ISAS in Trieste. After that he was a postdoc in Manchester and in Cambridge. He has also been visiting professor at École Normale Supérieure in Paris, University of Barcelona and ETH Zurich. Author of about 100 papers and 1 book on the subject of Complex networks he is currently coordinating a FET Open project on the use of networks in assessing stability of financial systems.




11:00-13:00 18 NOVEMBER
THEMATIC SESSION II. Hungarian Academy of Sciences:“Networks”

We live in a computerized and networked society where many of our actions leave a digital trace and affect other people's actions. This has lead to the emergence of a new data-driven research field: mathematical methods of computer science, statistical physics and sociometry provide insights on a wide range of disciplines ranging from social science to human mobility. Here we present some activity done in a FET Open project to assess the stability of financial institutions. I will present the network analysis done on shareholding network, on trade and the results of analysis on query-logs.