Previous Fora / 2007


In order to promote the quality of dialogue concerning the new roles and challenges of scientific knowledge within today’s global Society, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in partnership with UNESCO, ICSU and the European Commission, is organising the third World Science Forum to be held between 8-10 November 2007 in Budapest. This time the Forum focuses on „Investing in Knowledge: Investing in the Future”.

Encouraged by the success of the World Conference on Science organised by UNESCO and ICSU in Budapest, Hungary in 1999, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences initiated a series of events called World Science Forum taking place biannually in Budapest. As in 2001 UNESCO demarcated the 10th of November as „World Science Day”, a day dedicated to science and scientists, the biannual World Science Forum takes place on and around the 10th of November of every odd year.

The first World Science Forum, focusing on „Knowledge and Society”, took place between 8-10 November 2003, whereas the second World Science Forum on „Knowledge, Ethics and Responsibility” was held between 10-12 November 2005 in Budapest.

Well over 400 scientists, politicians, decision makers from close to 100 countries from all over the world participated and are expected to participate in the work of the World Science Forum, making it a unique and in all terms a diverse event.

The Summaries of the previous Fora, as well as a complete videoarchive of the WSF2005 can be accessed on this web site. A brochure World Science Forum 2005 is also available for download.

An international Steering Committee of the World Science Forum has recently been established. During its first meeting on 14th November 2006 in Budapest the Committee approved the detailed thematic structure of the forthcoming World Science Forum 2007.

E. Sylvester Vizi
President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Chair of the World Science Forum Budapest

Attila Meskó
Secretary General of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Chair of the Organising Committee

Balázs Gulyás
External Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Executive Director of the Organising Committee