Development Director, Gedeon Richter Plc



Appointed Development Director in 1993. Chemical engineer, University doctorate in Chemical Sciences. With Richter since 1983 in a number of management positions.​



14:30-16:00 6 NOVEMBER

The key word is “sustainability”…

From a pharmaceutical company’s perspective access to medicines starts with the research and development process of a drug. This procedure is a long term and huge financial investment combined with a high risk of failure. If a company cannot be convinced that it has good chances to succeed, and at the end the overall procedure will be financially feasible, this investment will never happen: in other words there will be no new drugs developed.

On the major pharmaceutical markets a big part of drug costs are paid by social security systems, who (because of the changing demography) are interested in pressing down prices, consequently decreasing profits made by the companies, and so decreasing their willingness to invest into R&D of new drugs. The prices in this part of the world obviously influence drug prices in the developing world, i.e. the access of medicines.

It is of utmost importance that decision makers understand the complexity of the whole system and that they provide a framework that is sustainable for all players, and secures access to medicines to the most people possible.