Advisor for the Committee on Science and Technology, National Legislative Assembly, Thailand




17:00-18:30 5 NOVEMBER

How to Enable Science through Parliamentary Governance

Thai parliament led by the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) under the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand (Interim), B.E. 2549 (year 2006) has utilized science as a key part of strategic plan to drive Thailand forward. NLA has appointed a Committee on Mass Communication, Science, Technology, and Information to consider organic law bills, bills, carry out activities, investigate or study any matters concerning mass communication, telecommunications, and broadcasting.

As an honorary advisor of the committee and on behalf of the committee, we have successfully launched and implemented many science-related projects since August 2014. We also have completed some projects that support the use of science knowledge. Starting with projects related to the country’s human resources, we had two brainstorming seminars on “Science and Technology for the Nation’s Sustainable Security” and “STEM Education: Proactive Strategy in the Development of Manpower in Science, Technology, and Innovation”. We have conducted studies and have submitted reports to the NLA and people in charge. One of the reports was submitted to the prime minister titled “Recommendation on strategic and proactive planning on STEM Education: The Development of Youth and Manpower in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.”

Some of our highlight projects were to investigate platform technology that supported digital economy, and to consider an organic law bill on the nation’s science, technology, and innovation, B.E. 2551 (year 2008). To help save the environment, we investigated the possibility of implementing electronic meeting in every committee meetings to decrease the use of paper, and considered the use of information technology to facilitate water management for public and agricultural purposes.

Our ongoing projects were to consider using science and satellite technology for national security, using information technology to prevent national disaster, and using science, technology, and innovation for community development.

The NLA and the Committee on Mass Communication, Science, Technology, and Information are determined on enabling science and technology to improve people’s lives. Our aims are to support people in the STEM fields and to use science and technology for sustainable national security, digital economy, and the environment.