MIGNONE, Claudia

Astrophysicist, Science Writer and Communicator, Amsterdam

Claudia Mignone is an astrophysicist, science writer and communicator. Originally from Salerno, in the south of Italy, she received a degree in Astronomy at the University of Bologna, Italy, and a PhD in Cosmology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Her research involved investigating model-independent techniques to infer the expansion rate of the Universe from the combination of different astronomical data.

Following her passion for explaining science to the public at large, Claudia became a full-time communicator of astronomy, first as a science journalism intern at the European Southern Observatory and later as a science writer for the European Space Agency. She is based at ESA/ESTEC, in the Netherlands, where she has been writing stories about astronomy and space science, for a variety of different audiences, for the past five years.


14:30-16:00 6 NOVEMBER
thematic SESSION Ii.C: international year of light

This presentation will discuss the crucial role of light in astronomy as the messenger of a variety of phenomena taking place across the Universe. Over the millennia, but especially in the past two centirues, astronomers have exploited a number of different technologies to expand our view onto the cosmos by studying the sky not only through visible light but across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.