Environment correspondent, BBC News

Matt McGrath, originally from Tipperary in Ireland, edited computer magazines for several years before joining BBC Radio 5 live at its launch in 1994. Following stints as producer and reporter, Matt became the station's science specialist in 1997. He joined the BBC World Service in 2006 as environment reporter and became environment correspondent for BBC News in 2012.

He has covered some of the major issues in science and environment in that period including mad cow disease, cloning, global warming and GM food.

Highlights include reporting from the solar eclipse in the UK in 1999 and travelling to the Arctic in 2007. Matt tested the temperatures in Copenhagen by jumping into the icy harbour waters during the UN summit in 2009 and has reported extensively on the climate issue from all over the world. Over the years Matt has also reported extensively on the scientific impacts of doping in sport.

He was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010-11.


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