Head of Research & Technology, Airbus, France


06.2006 - Head of Aerodynamics, Airbus (setting up a new aero organisation being responsible for all aerodynamic R&D activities including W/T testing;

01.2005 - Leader of the "Integrated Flight Performance Team A350", Toulouse (leading a multi-disciplinary team (aero, loads, weights, HQ.) to define the optimum aero configuration;

04.2003 - 09.2007 Engineering Site Representative Bremen (additional role);

09.2001 - Site-Coordinator Flight-Physics Germany (additional role);

04.2001 - Head of Aerodynamic Wind-Tunnel Testing, Airbus (following the integration of Airbus, setting up an integrated organisation for Airbus W/T testing and being responsible for all Airbus wind tunnel testing activities; at that period heavily engaged in A400M and A380 testing);

02.1996 - Head of Aerodynamic Data at Deutsche Airbus, Bremen (involved in A340-600, A400M, A380 (A3XX at that time..);

06.1995 - Project manager for the German High-Lift Technology & Research Program HAK;

03.1993 - Flight-test support engineer at Deutsche Airbus Toulouse for the A321 flight-test campaign;

11.1984 - Senior Specialist for Low-Speed Aerodynamics, Deutsche Airbus Bremen (involved in A320, A321, A340/A330 development;

04.1980 - Specialist for Flight-Mechanics VFW-FOKKER, Bremen, Germany, now AIRBUS



1980 Technical College Aachen, Department of Aerospace Engineering; Diploma (Dipl.-Ing.) in Aeronautical Engineering


09:30-11:00 6 NOVEMBER
PLENARY SESSION IV. Science in the innovation ecosystem