Chairman Nile Badrawi Foundation for Education & Development
Former Chairman of the Committee on Education and Scientific Research, Parliament of Egypt

Hossam Badrawi is a professor of OB/GYN Cairo University. He is a prominent physician and a well-known politician, President of the Badrawi Foundation for Education and Development and chairman of Takatof NGO building schools and developing human resources.

He received his postgraduate studies in Wayne state University, Detroit Michigan, North Western University, Chicago, Illinois and Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. His academic activities include publishing more than 120 research papers and participating in 8 text books in his field of specialty in obstetrics & gynecology. Beside his academic work, he was an elected member of the Egyptian Parliament and chaired the committee of Education and Scientific Research for five years (2000 to 2005). He led the education reform initiatives in Egypt during this period and is considered the father of reform throughout the country. He also chaired the joint committee of the Parliament for the IPR legislation in Egypt and is considered the key behind the legislation. Prof. Badrawi has played a major role in developing the new policy reforms directions of Health and he developed the vision of health reform in the NDP, and is a member of the policy secretariat of the ruling party of Egypt. Prof. Badrawi is a member of the Supreme Council for Human Rights that has been developed in 2004 as part of the reform wave in Egypt towards democracy. Prof. Badrawi is a founder member of the board of Arab Parliamentarians against corruption, a foundation created to fight corruption in the region. He chairs also an initiative of Arab Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy – Parliamentary Perspective with the UNESCO. Prof. Badrawi is a leader in the private health care sector, has a distinguished vision for health care financing, management and provision. He is also an advocate for youth, women and children rights and shares in the activities of promoting their role in the society.


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