Previous Fora / 2009

Pre-forum meetings organised in conjunction with WSF 2009

Ministerial Round Table - Structure, Organization and Funding of Scientific Research: the Role of the States
/G77 + China countries/ (Organized by UNESCO with the support of ISESCO and SIDA/SAREC) /programme in English and French/


110th Session of the ISSC Executive Committee (Organised by: International Social Science Council)

ICSU Regionals: Meeting of ICSU officers, regional directors and chairpersons (Organised by: ICSU)

ISTIC Governing Board Meeting (Organised by: ISTIC)

ISTIC Executive Committee Meeting (Organised by: ISTIC)

WAYS Governing Board Meeting (Organised by: WAYS)

Facing the Future: the Climate Summit in Copenhagen and beyond (Organised by: Swedish Embassy in Budapest, Central European University (CEU), Ombudsman for the Future Generations)

ALLEA IPR agenda setting meeting (Organised by: ALLEA)

ISESCO Meeting (Organised by: Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation)