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8 November, Saturday
Opening and Plenary

Opening greetings by E. Sylvester Vizi (President of the HAS)

Speech of Alexandre Lamfalussy (First President, European Monetary Institute)

Opening speech of Ferenc Madl (President of the Republic of Hungary)

Speech of Walter Erdelen (Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences)

Speech of Viktor Orbán (Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary)

Presentation of Goverdhan Mehta (President Elect, International Council for Science)


Knowledge, environment and development

Mohamed T. El-Ashry
Former Chairman, Global Environment Facility, Egypt /United States
Knowledge, environment and development

Shem Oyoo Wandiga
University of Nairobi, Kenya
A science policy on knowledge led society and development


Knowledge and quality of life

George K. Radda
Chief Executive, Medical Research Council, United Kingdom
Knowledge and Quality of Life with Particular Relevance to the Ageing Population  (ppt presentation, 15.3 Mb)

Hans Wigzell
Rector, The Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Knowledge and quality of life (ppt presentation, 86 Kb)


Knowledge and science

Alain Pompidou 
Professor of Medicine, René Descartes University, France
Science and policy decision making (ppt presentation, 3 Mb)

Masao Ito
Brain Science Institute, RIKEN, Japan
New situations in science - Research fields, disciplines, integration and internationalization (ppt presentation, 2.5 Mb)

Jan Uddenfeldt
Senior Vice President, Ericsson, Sweden
Knowledge, what is it? - A case study: Mobile Communication (ppt presentation, 1.4 Mb)

Pieter Drenth
President, All European Academies, The Netherlands
Science: Does it matter? (ppt presentation, 68 Kb)


WFS Highlights (doc file, 40 Kb)



9 November, Sunday

Plenary Lecture V.

Julia Marton-Lefevre
Executive Director, LEAD, United Kingdom
Knowledge and action - environment and sustainable development (ppt presentation, 5.9 Mb)

Sándor Kenyeres
Knowledge-based regional development program (pps presentation, 3.2 Mb)


Knowledge-based economy

Sergio Barabaschi
Vice-President, Euro CASE, Italy
Knowledge- based economy, the evolution og the industrial/trade environment (ppt presentation, 39 Kb)

Wim Wielens
CEO of EMEA Region, Philips, The Netherlands 
The digital divide knowledge basded society


Information-based society and knowledge 

Peter A. Freeman
Assistant Director, National Science Foundation, USA
New approaches to knowledge for an information-based society

Nicholas Lobkowicz
Director, ZIMOS, Katholische Universitat Eichstatt, Germany/USA
Be popper to information!

Knowledge-based society

Lourdes Arizpe
President, International Social Science Council 
Knowledge is culture (ppt presentation, 748 Kb)

Chantal Delsol
Professor of Philosophy, France
The specificity of european knowledge


WFS Highlights (doc file, 44 Kb)



10 November, Monday


Speech of Vike-Freiberga

WFS Highlights (doc file, 40 Kb)

Christine Heller del Riego (Spain)
Professor of Electric Machines, Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid, Member of the Governing Board of Euroscience, Former Board Member of Marie Curie Fellowship Association, Member of the ESOF2004 Steering Committee
Active participation of the young generation: past and future perspectives

Serge Sawadogo (Burkina Faso)
PhD Student in immunology of infectious diseases, Marseille, France
From the back of beyond to the heart of science

Amanda Adeleye (USA)
High school student at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy founded by Nobel Laureate Dr. Leon Lederman
Needs of young scientists for quality research

György Pálfi (Hungary)
Researcher in biological anthropology, Representative of the Hungarian Society of Pro Scientia Gold Medalists, Science and Technology attaché in Paris, Co-organizer of WAYS
Providing "WAYS" A worldwide organization for young scientists


Final summary

Norbert Kroó
Secretary General, Hungarian Academy of Sciences 
Final summary of the WSF by Professor Norbert Kroó

E. Sylvester Vizi
President, Hungarian Academy of Sciences 
Farewell address by E. Sylvester Vizi


Call for papers
Call for papers (doc file, 38 Kb)


Summaries and  Conclusions

Knowledge and quality of life
Knowledge, environmant, development
Science and knowledge
Knowledge based society
Information based society and knowledge
Knowledge based economy