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(PS: Plenary Session, TS: Thematic Session)


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WSF2015 4Nov Uncategorized images


WSF2015 4Nov Press Conference


WSF2015 4Nov ERC Symposium


WSF2015 4Nov Migration Symposium

INGSA Development Group Meeting


WSF2015 4Nov Steering Committee Meeting


WSF2015  4Nov Opening ceremony


WSF2015  4Nov UNESCO prize ceremonies


WSF2015 4Nov Concert - Felix Lajko


WSF2015 4Nov Opening reception




WSF2015 5Nov Uncategorized images


WSF2015 5Nov PS 1 - Sustainibility check 2015


WSF2015 5Nov PS 2 - Science engagement: communicating with society


WSF2015 5Nov PS 3 - Confidence in science


WSF2015 5Nov TS 1/a - Science for peace


WSF2015 5Nov TS 1/b - Mapping the brain, unlocking the mind


WSF2015 5Nov TS 1/c - Special session on parliamentarians


WSF2015 5Nov Reception at Bálna




WSF2015 6Nov Uncategorized images


WSF2015 6Nov Press Conference


WSF2015 6Nov PS 4 - Science in the innovation ecosystem


WSF2015 6Nov PS 5 - Challenges in global cooperation: practices and pitfalls


WSF2015 6Nov TS 2/a - Fit for purpose global health policies


WSF2015 6Nov TS 2/b - Building resilience in a changing world


WSF2015 6Nov TS 2/c - International Year of Light


WSF2015 6Nov TS 3/a - Renewable energy for global sustainability


WSF2015 6Nov TS 3/b - Science and technology for disaster risk reduction


WSF2015 6Nov TS 3/c - Science governance in Africa


WSF2015 6Nov Reception at Várkert Bazár



WSF2015 7Nov Uncategorized images


WSF2015 7Nov Opening address


WSF2015 7Nov PS 6 - Parliamentary session: Science in policy making


WSF2015 7Nov Presentation of the UNESCO science report


WSF2015 7Nov Closing ceremony and endorsement of the declaration